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What WLM is for

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Win Last Mile (WLM) aims to provide better services to the elder and disable people, with a focus on Asian countries, starting from China and Taiwan.  Our team includes experts specialized in blockchain, social welfare, health-care, policy research and asset management. The team is led by Bishop Kao who is currently ministering three churches as well as their underlining foundations. [To review our Team]


With a decentralized approach, 

WLM will implement programs in the following areas to help those in need:

-To improve information flow between donors, service providers and those in need, utilizing blockchain technologies developed by WLM

-To establish blockchain-based public welfare convalescent chain and have conversations with governments to tailor-made our systems for different countries’ need.

-To help 3-5 Asian countries (and for the long run, more than 20 countries) to establish long-term care and health-care institutions powered by the public welfare convalescent chain developed by WLM.


Why you should go for WLM

Apart from helping those in need, as a participant of WLM ICO, you are granted the golden ticket to the thriving long-term care industry.  Your money will not only for charity but also for your own profit.  It is not easy to get a deal as such so do take this opportunity.


ICO schedule

Pre-sale starts from 10 June 2018, with a 80%-EXTRA scheme on the first Week.  For more detail, please read page 50-51 of our white paper.


Thank you.  We are looking forward to your participation!


WLM Management Team


Meet our team

We are a team, all division of labor, there is no job distinction
Bryan Ko

Bryan Ko


Bryan is an expert in policy research. He worked for the UK government and the Taiwanese government for fifteen years as a senior political officer and a legislative aide. He earned two master’s degrees, one in environmental science in the UK in 2003 and one in political science in Taiwan in 1997.
Bryan also has good experience in asset management, especially in setting up structures for holding companies and PE funds. He will help designing our ICO’s overall structure and researching various governments’ policies on long-term care.
Bryan is married and has five children.

Eric Kao

Eric Kao


Director at Chinese Taipei Presbyterian Church, Taipei County, Taiwan
Chinese Taipei Presbyterian Church, Taipei County, Taiwan China Qilu Theological Seminary

Benson Fang

Benson Fang


You Tong Information Chief Engineer



Contact Developer

Project Management. Blockchain Investor, 10yrs IT HW/SW related experience.

Evan Hsieh

Evan Hsieh



The expected benefits of this project are practicality, demand and future development
Population aging

Population aging

We are old with time

"In the near future, everyone needs to be cared for and we should reproduce the future when we have the power to prepare for the future."

An expansion of nursing career layout

An expansion of nursing career layout

The first public-benefit blockchain

Because the world is paying more attention to the cause of peace and security, with the full support of all the governments and great assistance in taxation and implementation, the innovation in the blockchain has also become a great advantage.

Open and transparent

Open and transparent

Charity financial supervision

In order to prevent malpractice, the flow of donations to transparency is the top priority of charity today, which needs to be publicized and can not be hidden.